Hi there! I’m TH Huang, a computer science enthusiast blending the logical with the imaginative to navigate the thrilling landscape of software engineering. My professional journey transcends mere programming; it’s about crafting experiences that resonate deeply and transform seamlessly, turning intricate challenges into smooth, intuitive solutions.

What I Do

As a Backend Engineer at Fetch, I’m at the forefront of developing robust software solutions that enhance the quality measurement of partner activity on our platform. This role taps into my extensive experience across various domains, including my time at Amazon and various innovative startups, where I’ve sharpened my skills in building everything from live-streaming platforms to autonomous drones.

Academic Adventures

My adventure at Northwestern University wasn’t just about pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science; it was my quest to unlock the secrets of optimizing and parallelizing compilers. Imagine me diving into the depths of code to unearth treasures that make everything run smoother, faster, and smarter. It was hardcore, but hey, so am I.

Let’s Team Up!

The fusion of technology and creative minds excites me deeply. I am actively seeking opportunities to collaborate, exploring the endless possibilities within the world of software engineering together. Let’s connect, innovate, and inspire the next wave of technological advancements together!